Don't Let Tree Stumps Litter Your Landscape

Don't Let Tree Stumps Litter Your Landscape

Hire a stump grinding company based out of Danielsville, GA, proudly serving Winder, Royston, Watkinsville & Athens, GA and all surrounding areas

Tree stumps can really bring down your home's curb appeal. They also make it difficult to mow your lawn, and they're a tripping hazard. If you need stump grinding service, reach out to Gordon's Tree Service proudly serving Athens, Winder, Watkinsville & Royston, GA and all surrounding areas. Our stump grinding company uses powerful equipment to grind stumps efficiently. Once your stump is gone, you can place sod or plant grass over the area.

You don't have to deal with ugly tree stumps. Call 706-510-4653 now to make an appointment with our stump grinding company.

Stump grinding is the superior stump removal method

You may think you can take care of tree stumps on your own, but DIY stump removal methods just don't compare. Digging out stumps will leave holes in your yard, burning stumps is a fire hazard and rotting tree stumps just takes too long. Stump grinding is efficient, safe and leaves your yard in good condition. Contact us today to schedule stump grinding service in Athens, Winder, Watkinsville & Royston, GA.