Bush Hogging

Bush Hogging

Bush hogging, which is also known as brush hogging, is the process of eliminating heavy brush on land. This can be used to create suitable land for development or farming, or solely to clean it up making it easier on the eyes. Gordon's Tree Service can take care of you every step of the way ensuring that your land is prepared for the task ahead.

Taking away excess shrubs, trees, or other brush by the means of an invasive root extraction can cause disruption in the environment. Bush hogging does not do this because it protects the surface and then aids in the restoration of the soil. The main goal is to quickly, and efficiently, remove the bushes while not hurting the ground.

Land Clearing

Do you have a piece of land that right now sits untouched because it needs debris removed? Gordon's Tree Service can help! We are able to clear away unwanted trees, bushes, and debris to give your land a purpose. Smoothing out uneven ground and removing rocks and boulders is also an obstacle we can overcome.

Gordon's Tree Service offers mulching services for your residential and commercial space. This can help your homes outdoor appeal a great deal as well as improving the overall health of your lawn. Typically this service is used to improve the soil surrounding the plants near your home or business.

There are many benefits of mulching. Examples of this would be:

  • reduce evaporation 
  • keep the soil colder during warm months 
  • provide valuable nutrients 
  • reduces the growth of weeds